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The Young Taoism Fighter

Released: 1986

Action, Comedy

The Progenitor, Cheng Yang, Cheng Jen and his brother, Chung Yin-Chiu tried all means to acquaint with the “Yin Yang Separate Body Style”, which was the most powerful Taoism Kung-fu of Yin Yang Tang. One day, Student, Ko Sheng practiced the style secretly. Since his basic Kung-fu training was not well-established, he made his soul separated from the body. At the most critical moment, he was saved by Yin-Chiu. The leader of Tien Wu Men, Master Fu Luen wanted to rule over the community by force, bitterly practiced the “Tzu Yin Wicked Style” kung fu. He controlled Kuan Shih-Chung by using poison and ordered him to get the urea of children and women's placenta for him to practice...

Starring: Yat Chor Yuen, Hilda Liu Hao-Yi, Bruce Lai, Kuk Jeong-Seok, Lee Man-Tai, Ma Chin-Ku, Ming Tien, Li-peng Wan

Directed by:

Written by:

Language: Mandarin


Male Stream

Several teen boys pee into a small trough, with their urine apparently being used to power some sort of mechanical device.


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