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WARNING: The Pee Movie List is intended for adults. Some movie descriptions and photographs are not suitable for children. If you are under 18, please do your research on movies at the Internet Movie Database.

Originally compiled by Wet Wayne and hosted by Patches' Place, The Pee Movie List endevours to catelog scenes featuring bodily functions (mainly urination) in mainstream cinema and television. The original list stopped being updated in 2015. Following that it was briefly hosted in a forum format on another site, however that site seems to have now gone dark. So now I (you can call me Marcus) have decided the time has come to bring it back as a proper database driven website. Browse the list.

Various types of movie pee scenes are listed here. Some are funny, some are erotic, and some are sad. Films have shown people peeing in toilets and urinals, in the wilderness, on each other, and in their pants. Some pee scenes are of vital importance to the plot of the film (this list does contain a few "spoilers"), while others are inconsequential. While urination may seem like a narrow subject, if you keep an open mind as you browse this site you will encounter a broad range of human actions and emotions.

The Pee Movie List currently contains 4149 entries.

Last updated: 2nd October 2022

If you're a fan of film perhaps you'd be interested in a Letterboxd version of this list to compare to your own watchlists?
You can find that here. It's regularly updated as an export from this database. Obviously that only contains the films themselves and not the scene details included on this site. It's the full complete list, I'll create some smaller filtered lists at some point in the future.

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