The Pee Movie List

Info & Frequently Asked Questions

What is the purpose of the Pee Movie List?

The Pee Movie List was originally intended to be the world's most comprehensive and thorough guide to urination in the cinema. Now under the stewardship of Marcus Cain the intention is to also open the database to other bodily functions in the future. All known movies containing a "pee scene" are listed. A list such as this serves multiple purposes:

What qualifies as a "pee scene"?

Generally speaking, any scene that shows a character urinating is a pee scene. The actual urination need not be depicted either visually or audibly; it is enough that the audience understands that the person is peeing. "Desperation" scenes, in which a character expresses an intense need to urinate, are also included even if the scene ends prior to the actual deed. A scene that shows the end result of peeing -- e.g., a bottle of urine, a wet bedsheet, or a puddle on the ground -- is also a pee scene. In some cases I have included scenes in which urination is merely discussed in an interesting or unusual manner, but such scenes are subject to admin discretion.

There are several classifications of pee scenes:

What are the rules for including media in this list?

Whether a film or a TV show, live action or animated, adult specific or not. The main criteria for inclusion is that it has a entry in The Movie Database (TMDB), the open database which this list uses to fetch data on posters, stars, directors & writers. Special exceptions may be made in the future but at present the submission process beings with searching for the title in TMDB.

What rules do you have about the inclusion of child scenes? Or violent scenes? Or other questionable content?

This is a comprehensive list and all pee scenes are included. However, photos of child scenes are not displayed, and other rules are in effect to discourage inappropriate uses of this list. Please see the content policy for a complete explanation.

Why don't you offer downloadable clips of the movies on this list?

Virtually all of the films on this list are protected by copyright laws. The screen grabs are displayed under the doctrine of fair use, which allows a small portion of a copyrighted work to be exhibited without permission for purposes such as education, journalism, or commentary. Although you can make a case that offering a 30-second clip from a 2-hour film is also fair use, it is definitely a gray area and not one that I wish to test. Besides, the storage space and bandwidth required to host even 10% of the scenes on this list would be expensive, and I want this resource to remain free and easily accessible. Links to external video site may be added, but the admins reserve the right to remove links to tube sites which have too many ads.

I don't like that you have included pictures from my film. How can I get them removed?

If you have a good personal reason for wanting a photo removed, then please contact me.

If you find a link to a third-party site that you believe is infringing your copyright, then the best course of action is to contact that site and demand that the content be removed. If a third-party site is uncooperative, then please contact me and I will remove the link.

What is the history of the Pee Movie List?

In 1992, Sabina Tomas compiled a list entitled "Urination in Movies and Videos." This list was posted to various Internet newsgroups, and it became the starting point for the Pee Movie List that Wet Wayne assembled in 1995. Also in 1995, Patches' Place became the first web site devoted to the subject of urination. Patches offered to host the Pee Movie List as a free resource for the Internet community.

The Pee Movie List has received some publicity over the years, not all of it positive. In early 1996, it was named to the famous Mirsky's Worst of the Web. Mirsky pointed out similarities with a list of movies containing bagpipes, a comparison that angered the creator of the bagpipe list so badly that he temporarily took his site off-line! A couple of months later, journalist Jon Auerbach criticized the Pee Movie List in the Boston Globe newspaper, citing it as an example of a "tacky, boring, and infantile" web site that could be encountered by "surfers not watching where they're going."

Despite its detractors, the original Pee Movie List survived until 2015. Under Wet Wayne it was completely overhauled twice, first to replace its drab text format with HTML, and again in 2005 to add photographs and replace the static pages with dynamically created content that can accept comments and ratings from users.

Sometime after that the list was resurected as a sub forum on the site This site went offline as some point in 2021. (I don't have much info on this era of the list, contact me if you can fill in this part of the story.

In early 2022 I saw a discussion thread on another forum mentioning the Pee Movie List and it brought back fond memories. I used to really enjoy browsing the list and discovering new movies which might be interesting to watch. I never really got the same enjoyment from the forum based version, it was great that the data was still available at least but the general experience of browsing just wasn't as good. I thought to myself, it would be great if someone brought the list back as a proper website. It then occured to me that hosting and databases are my thing, I guess maybe I should take it on. Which led to the creation of this site.

Is this list just for people with a "pee fetish"?

Short answer, No.
Longer answer, I have to admit that's how I found the original site all those years ago. However it was my love of movies that kept me coming back and the list helped me find all sorts of interesting things to watch which I would probably never have found otherwise. Wet Wayne originally said "the idea of narrowing the Pee Movie List to include only 'sexy' scenes has never held any appeal for me. We would lose a lot of scenes that are emotional, funny, or otherwise fascinating. I intend to always keep this as a general purpose, comprehensive list." and I agree.

How do you learn about pee scenes?

All new data is user sumbitted, so if you see a scene you think should be on the list then please add it.

Why don't you list the time in the film at which each scene takes place?

The main reason at the moment is simply because that information was not in the original list. Given enough demand this may be something I look into adding as an option in the future.

I am having trouble locating a certain movie on the list that I would like to watch/buy. Can you help me find it?

No, but I can suggest a place to start your research. JustWatch is a site dedicated to listing where movies are available to purchase/stream aggregating many of the various streaming services around the world.

Can I help with the site in some way?

The main and best way you can help is by contributing data to the list. New entires, edits to existing entires, new/higher resolution screen caps, etc.
If you want to help towards the costs of hosting and develpment time you can do that via Patreon