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Unfaithful Women

Released: 2004 CL

Drama, Comedy

Cecilia Ureta, host of Chile's highest-rated news show, announces the results of a United Nations survey, the conclusion of which states that 62% of Chilean women are or have never been unfaithful. Ironically, Cecilia maintains an extramarital relationship with the network's owner. Maliciously, a rival colleague discovers this during a live broadcast, with tragic results. The revelation spreads becoming a conversation of national interest.

Starring: María José Prieto, Cristián Campos, Daniel Alcaíno, María Izquierdo, Viviana Rodríguez, Gabriela Aguilera, Remigio Remedy, Benjamín Vicuña

Directed by: Rodrigo Ortuzar Lynch

Written by: Rodrigo Ortuzar Lynch, Daniel Henríquez, Walter Slavich, Marcelo Slavich

Language: Spanish


Female Toilet

A woman sits on the toilet. She is shown wiping and then getting up from the toilet, but there are no pee sounds.
Female Toilet

Two women are shown using stalls in a restroom, with the camera cutting between the two as they talk. No pee audio.

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