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Une nuit à l'Assemblée Nationale

Released: 1988 FR


The leader of a nudist colony enlists the help of left-wing militant when he mistakenly believes he should receive the Legion of Honor.

Starring: Michel Blanc, Jean Poiret, Jacqueline Maillan, Darry Cowl, Roland Blanche, Josiane Balasko, Bernadette Lafont, Isabelle Mergault

Directed by: Jean-Pierre Mocky

Written by: Jean-Pierre Mocky, Patrick Rambaud

Language: French


Female Tame

A politician goes to a nudist camp to campaign, and meets a couple, Walter & Josette Arbeit (Michel Blanc & Dominique Goursolle). While talking to them, Josette needs to pee so she bends her knees and does it right there. Walter complains, because some of it splashes onto him.


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