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Unite 9

Released: 2012TV


Marie Lamontagne, a widowed mother of two in her forties, confesses to a murder she didn't commit to protect her daughter. Thrust into brutally unfamiliar and hostile surroundings, she first learns survival, then confronts the biggest challenge of her life: bonding with her fellow inmates and helping them take back control of their lives.

Starring: Eve Landry, Salomé Corbo, Debbie Lynch-White, Normand Daneau, Catherine Proulx-Lemay, Guylaine Tremblay, François Papineau, Paul Doucet

Created by: Danielle Trottier

Language: French


Female Wetness

Season 2 Episode 8: Episode 8
A woman, Jessica, is waiting to be transported into prison. She asks the guards to use the toilet but they deny her request. Left with no choice she wets her jeans. A few scenes later the massive wet patch is seen on his jeans when she is taken to undress.

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