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You Are Alone

Released: 2005 US


"We're gonna play a game of Snap! Pick a bracelet. Pull it hard!" But it's a game of desperate consequences in YOU ARE ALONE, a dark exploration of just how far a man and a woman will go to escape loneliness, if only for an hour. Daphne, a Yale-bound high school senior whose depression has blurred her sense of reality, works as an escort, advertising her services online. Her next door neighbor catches her as the "entertainment" at his nephew's bachelor party. With her hidden life precariously hanging in the balance, Daphne agrees to spend one hour with her neighbor. Initially confrontational, Daphne and her neighbor begin to shed their bitter layers of personal disappointment and general cynicism by talking about sex.

Starring: Jessica Bohl, Richard Brundage, Keith Herron, Eric Deskin, Bruce Koken, James Ellsworth, Amy Brienes, Gail Herendeen

Directed by: Gorman Bechard

Written by: Gorman Bechard

Language: English


Female Audio

A hooker (Daphne/Britney, played by Jessica Bohl) uses the toilet in front of her client, while telling him of another customer who pays her $500 to pee in his face. Faint but realistic trickling sounds are heard.

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